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Commercial Real Estate - Brochures and Infographics (Click on each to view full PDF)

CushWake spread Bayside Campus brochureCentral Park Plaza brochure kifer tech brochure
CushWake spread x America Center Site Plan Silicon Valley Office Statistics Infographic




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As private brand of Jiawei Technology, Maximus lighting products are sold in major home improvement stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot. Since females are the dominant consumer in those stores, the old Maximus logo posed a polarizing effect. It's steel, boxy shape proved to contribute to low sales since its 2012 launch onto store shelves. New Maxiums logo was updated with cleaner lines, softer angles and striking color. With a name based on the historical Roman general, a red 'belt' and silver 'shield' was incorporated into the identity.

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LED bulb and fixture packaging. (www.MaximusLighting.com)

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Solar, LED and battery cell packaging, website design.

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2011 program logos, 2011 CSC Informational Trifold Brochure, Summer Camp advertisements.

2011 CSC Logos 2011 CSC Trifold Brochure CSC SummerCamp Ads




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California Kids Sports Center Logo, location grand opening postcards, birthday celebration promo card, themed session advertisement.

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Advertisement design.

Charlies spread



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RELAX magazine editorial and advertisment spreads.

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09-10 Season Brochure, A Taffeta Wedding postcard, Hold On To Love postcard, Stop Time postcard, More Than Petticoats postcard.

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